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Alejandro Algara is from Guatemala, Central America. He loves old Chevys and ownes this 1979 Nova. Alejandro also has an auto shop in Guatemala City and recently installed a 350 V8 with a Quadrajet 4-bbl. He races it there in the 1/8 mile. The Nova was given to him by his father in 1987. It was all original with a 250 L6.

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This 1979 Rally Nova hatchback, is owned by Gordon Bowen. It is one of about only 200 hatchbacks with the Rally package.

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Here is Carl Finley's one family owned 1979 Nova. Carl recently spent a couple of years restoring the car and doing a he belives Chevy would have done if there was a 1979 SS. Obviously, there is no such thing as a 1979 Nova SS but this is close to what one might have looked like. The car had a 305 V8 with a TH350, stock bench seat and 14" slotted steel rims. He cleaned up the exterior, removed the vinyl top and side moldings. He also added 15" Pontiac ralley rims with accessory beauty rings and center caps. The interior remains mostly stock with the exception of buckets from a '67 Chevelle. The stock light blue color was repainted in urethane with Olympic White stripes. Out went the original drive train and in went a 350 with serious Crane cam, Edelbrock RPM Air Gap intake, Dart Iron Eagle II heads, roller everything, and Speed Pro flat top pistons. A 700-R4 replace the original trans and a 3.42 posi took the place of the old 2.41 open rear set.

Larger Pic - Engine

This is Jared Hoffman's 1979 Nova. Originally equipped with a 305 it how has a 350 with an Edelbrock Performer intake and 650 carb, 2.02/1.60" valve heads and 2-1/2" Holley FlowTech headers. Jared said he and his father will be getting to the bodywork and paint soon.

Larger Pic - Side View - Engine

Justin's 1979 Nova originally came with a 305 2bbl, 4-speed Saginaw manual trans and 3.08 gears. After modifying the 305 and looking for more power he added a Vortec headed 355. After blowing up about five 4-speed transmissions and wanting even more power he put in a 406 with a TH400 and Richmond 4.56 gears. It's a high nickel 400 block bored 30 over with an Eagle rotating assembly, 4340 forged crank, H-beam rods, JE SRP forged pistons, 11.6.1 compression, ARP studs, ARP head bolts, Canfield 220cc CNC'd aluminum heads with 64cc chambers, custom ground solid roller cam wit .620" lift, Hooker Super Comp 1-3/4" headers, dual 3" exhaust with Flowmaster 50 series mufflers. He runs 28x10.5 Mickey Thompson tires in back. The transmission has B&M clutches and a Hughes full manual valve body, 4000-rpm converter being shifted through a Hurst pistol grip shifter. Justin has only taken it to the track twice and came home with a 7.299 (1/8-mile ET) at 96 mph. Best trap of the night was 98.06. On 93 octane pump gas and a little Holley 750 vacuum secondaries carb. He says he can't wait to put a nice 850 or 950 double pumper on it. It was painted last year with base/clear. Originally blue with baby blue interior with front bench seats it is now black with harlaquin color changing flames. The interior is now all black as well with new black carpet and bucket seats.

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This is Joey Maye's 1979 Nova. It has a stock 305 automatic, black bucket seats, GT Grant steering wheel and 17-inch chrome wheels.

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This is Dave McLelland's 1979 Nova Custom. It currently still has the original 305 except with the addition of an Edelbrock 600 carb and Performer intake, Summit headers and a rebuilt (by Dave) TH350 trans. The rear still has the original 2.41 gears. Dave has plans for a 400 small block and 3.73 gears. See more of Dave's Nova on his webpage.

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