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Bob's 1976 Nova still has the stock straight six and is all all original except for a stereo system and wheels. It just turned over 90,000 miles but it only had 34,000 miles when he bought it in 1998.

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Robby Boudreaux owns this 1976 Nova. It has a 350 with headers, Weiand intake, Carter AFB carb, and a K&N filter. The body is in great condtion and has a 2-1/4 cowl hood. Robby modified the grill and put clear lens in it from a 1995-96 Camaro.

Larger Pic - Front View - Rear 3/4 View - Engine - Interior

This is Brian's 1976 Nova Concours. Checkout his webpage for more pics.

Larger Pic - Side View

This was Derek Broening's 1976 Nova. It has a 383 with a 4-bolt block, stock 76cc heads with 9:1 compression, Crane 278/290 duration cam, gear drive, Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, Holley 750cfm double-pumper carb, Accel electronic ignition, and a K&N air filter. It has headers leading to a 2.5 Flowmaster exhaust system that dumps at the rear axle. The transmission is a TH350 with a B&M ratchet shifter. The rear is a stock 10-bolt with 3.08 gears. It has Autometer pro-comp gauges, Competition Engineering traction bars and frame connectors. Derek is no longer the owner.

Larger Pic - Side View - Passenger Side Pic - Rear 3/4 Pic - Interior - Engine

This 1976 Nova belongs to Ryan Bruce. He just received a new ZZ4 block and crank from one of his sponsors, so the 127,230 mile,original 305 engine will be replaced by October.

Larger Pic - Another View

Derek Chalmers is the second owners of this 1976 Nova. Look at the before picture below to see how far it has come. Derek says the 250 will someday be replaced by a 350 and new 15" wheels are on the way (thank goodness).

Larger Pic - Before Pic

This is Bruce "ProRat" Chase's 1976 Nova ProStreet. Checkout his webpage for more pics.

Another View - Burnout Pic

Here is Chris Cline's 1976 SS. Chris says he still has all the original parts, but it now has a 406 with Dart heads, Eagle rods and a Lunati .550/.571 solid cam. The rear is an 8.5" 10-bolt with a Moser spool, axles, and c-clipeliminators. It has a full interior with a 6-point cage. The exhaust includes a Dr. Gas system and Flowmasters. Traction comes by way of CalTrac bars. Check out his webpage for more information.

Larger Pic - Engine

This 1976 Nova Custom daily driver belongs to John DeFazio. Originally a 250 L6 car from Phoenix, Arizona, it now resides in Canada. It has a bored out 327 with 10.5:1 compression, Rochester Quadrajet, Hooker headers, MSD Ignition, Edelbrock Torker manifold, 11" Hays clutch, Flowmaster 2.5" exhaust, 3.73 posi and a Super T-10 4-speed tranny with Hurst shifter. Best time is 13.91 @ 105mph. Some of the added items are Camaro buckets, Trans Am shifter console, Trans Am fender vents, GTO hood tach, Mach 1 ram air functional shaker scoop, 68 Camaro taillights, HID headlights, custom billet aluminum grille and a custom lowered suspension.

Larger Pic - Engine Pic

Joe DeGrange kept his 1976 SS looking orignal but redid a few things to enjoy it at the strip. He built a 400 s.b. that is all iron motor, 3000 stall, 4.11 posi rear. It was an orignal 4-speed car. It runs 12.3 in the quarter.

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Scott Dennis purchased this 1976 Nova from the original owner. It had a 350 and 4 speed from the factory. Scott said the original owner got almost every option available. It now has a .030" over 350 with 9:1 compression, solid lifter cam, roller rockers and a Carter AFB 4 bbl.

Larger Pic - Interior

This silver beauty 1976 Nova SS belongs to Wayne Deslauries.

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This 1976 Nova is owned by Rick Draganowski's. It has a 350 Goodwrench crate motor that he ported and milled heads and installed a CompCams XE268 cam. The trans is a race-built TH350 with a Hurst ProMatic ratchet shifter. In the rear is an 8.5" 10-bolt with 3.73 posi gears and Lakewood Competition traction bars. His best G-Tech time is 13.55 @ 107.9.

Larger Pic - Engine

Keith Fagan owns this 1976 Nova hatchback. It started out as a $200 junk grandma car (ugly mint green with white interior) with a worn out 305. 4 years later is has a 454, dual 750cfm Cater AFB's, TH400 and posi 3.73 gears.

Larger Pic - Engine 1 - Engine 2

Here are pictures of David Fenske's 1976 Nova SS with a 350 and 4-speed.

Larger Pic - Hood Up - Interior

Ivan Giebler has owned this 1976 Nova SS for 17 years. Currently has 60,200 miles on it. It still has the stock 350 4bbl. Aside from new paint, seat covers, arm rests and wheels, everything is original.

Larger Pic - Rear View

Paul Gorman is from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and he owns this 73,000 original mile 1976 Nova SS. It is code 35 blue with black interior, factory 4-speed, buckets and console. It a numbers matching engine that Paul says hasbeen warmed up a little.

Larger Pic - Passenger Side View - Driver Side Rear 3/4 View - Passenger Side Rear 3/4 View

Christian Grimeland is from Norway and owns this 1976 Concours.

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This is Andy Hiles' 1976 Nova. It has a 327 with an Edelbrock intake, a TH350 with a 2500-rpm B&M converter. The wheels are 14x7" front and 15x10" rear.

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Curtis Hoyle's 1976 Nova has a 350 4-bolt main small block with HP heads, Edelbrock 750 carb and a Performer RPM intake. It also has a mild cam, Hooker headers, and Flowtech mufflers. It is running a TH400 transsmiton with B&M shift kit, and 4.16 posi rear end. This is the second of three Novas he has owned over the last few years. His cousin now owns his first Nova (also a '76). Curtis also has a 1978 Nova Custom which has a 305.

Larger Pic - Engine

This 1976 SS belongs to Keith Hubbard. An all original SS with a 350 4-bbl and 4-speed was purchased by Keith in April of 1997. He rebuilt the engine in July of 2000 and added a Torker II intake, a Holley 600 carb, ported and polished 041 heads and a Comp Cams .501 lift cam. In November of 200 it went to the body shop for stripping, re-priming and a new coat of 2001 Laser Red Metallic base/clear coat paint. Keith say with the body and drive train done, the interior is next.

Larger Pic - Front View

This is Don Hyde's 1976 Concours.

Larger Pic - Side View - Engine - Interior

This is Ron Ivey's 1976 Nova SS Pro Street car. Ron has owned this car for almost 23 years. It now has a 565 BBC with nitrous. Best ET is 8.52 @ 159.88 with a 1.24 60' time. It weighs 3295 lbs with Ron in it.

Larger Pic - At The Track

Jaime's 1976 Nova sedan has a 305 with all Edelbrock components. Aluminum intake, 600-cfm carb, Performer cam, Pertronox Flamethrower ignition and the original TH350 trans. Jamie says he will soon be replacing the 305 with a 350-HO motor, the TH350 with a 700-R4 and adding a posi with 3.73 gears.

Larger Pic

This is John Jekl's 1976 Nova SS with a 350 V8.

Larger Pic

When I first saw the pictures of John Konstantinou's 1976 Nova SS I thought I was looking at my own Nova (except with alot more motor!). Speaking of the motor it's a 468 cid big block with 13:1 compression, Comp Cams 638" lift solid lifter camshaft, World Products square port Merlins, Dart intake, Holley Pro Series 1000-cfm carb, Turbo 400 with ATI manual valve body and 8-inch TCI 5000 stall convertor. 12-bolt housing from 69 Nova with Moroso Brute Strength Carrier and 4.56 gears. 15x8 Welds with 4-1/2" backspacing and 28 x 12.5 M/T E.T. streets and 15x3-1/2 fronts with M/T front runners. 3-1/2" Flowmasters, Autometer Sport Comp gauges. It runs 10.90 @ 124 mph with 1.5 60-foot in street trim. John said "No roll cage at the time. Not welcomed back until cage is installed." To correct this problem, he installed a 10-point cage with rocker bars at the end of 2001. He also installed a set of CalTracs with Rancho RS9000 shocks that they recommended. In addition an NOS Big Shot kit ready to go looking to get into the 9's. Check out his webpage for more info and pics.

Larger Pic - Side View - Rear View - Interior 1 - Interior 2 - Engine

This is Kyle Kunze's 11 second 1976 Nova Concours. Check out his webpage for more info and pics.

Larger Pic

The lovely Amy Liming owns this (just as beautiful) 1976 Nova. When she first restored her Nova, people thought she was nuts, but now she sees more of them around. She says, "Why no one has discovered this body style before now is beyond me." I agree and have been saying the same thing for a long time, too. Amy's Nova is painted Mulberry Wine and sports a set of Ralley rims. She says it surprieses everyone she races and beats because it has a little, but rumbly, 305. The exhaust consists of 2-1/4 pipes with some Flowmaster 60 series mufflers The engine has been bored .030" over, has hypereutetic pistons, a Crane cam (that isn't much above stock) with roller rockers, an Edelbrock high rise intake and Edelbrock 4 barrel carb. As far as she knows, she still has the record for the fastest naturally aspirated 305 at Desoto speedway. Amy raced there in 1998 with a stripped interior and no paint. Amy did all the work on this car herself, from replacing body parts to engine to junk yarding. She says, "Until I started beating people I was scoffed at because I'm a woman. Hehe. I'm laughing now!"
12/01/03 UPDATE: Amy just pulled the little 305 out and installed a balanced/blueprinted 350 bored .30 over with aluminium heads, full Crane engine kit including roller rockers etc, Manley rods, Melling oil pump, nice thumpy cam and a hoard of other power infusers. She topped it off with Billet Specialties everything, like the flame embossed valve covers and air cleaner. She spent 15 hours just sanding the engine bay, then primed it, painted it black, and carefully dropped in the new mill. Dyno says 351-HP and 379 ft/lb. Not too shabby. She also traded out the small ralleys for more agressive Corvette Ralleys. They're only an inch bigger and an inch wider, but it helps. Her next projects are: B&M floor shifter, bucket seats, and a new Grant steering wheel with the security removal.

Larger Pic - Engine - Old Pic

This is Eddy March's 1976 Nova Concours 4-door. It has a 350/300hp engine with a TH350 transmission. Eddy purchased it in Feb. 1985 with 59,000 miles. Now it has 260,000 miles. Eddy says he drives it every day as his get around car. It has no dents, rust, and has never been wrecked. The car is original except for a repaint in 1989, the seats were redone in 1988 and just regular maintainance.

Larger Pic - Rear View - Engine

Stephen May purchased this 1976 Concours about a year ago with only 43K miles and it became his daily driver. It's all original with the the 305 2-bbl engine, TH350 trans, A/C, bucket seats, floor shifter with console and AM radio. Stephen recently added 16" American Racing wheels and an APC billet steering wheel. Future plans are to give it to his now 14 year old son when he's old enough to get his license. Nice dad!

Larger Pic - Passenger Side - Engine - Interior

This is Rick Montalbano's 1976 Nova nicknamed "Redhead". Rick purchased it in July of 2002 off He said it's literally a little-old-lady-owned car. Her son sold it to Rick while liquidating her estate. It only had 29,500 miles when he bought it to use as his daily driver. It's just basic transportation for now: 250 L6, no options except power steering. It has minor rust, a red vinyl top and well-oxidized silver paint. So far Rick has replaced the headliner, added a passenger-side rearview mirror and acquired a factory clock and defroster. The engine stays as it's running too well to get rid of it. It got 23mpg on a recent road trip, which is better than his new PT Cruiser! Check out more of this car on his webpage.

Larger Pic - Rear 3/4 Pic

Terry Patheal received this 1976 Nova Concours in 1994 as a gift from his wifes aunt. It has only 43,570 miles on it but the 250 L6 was replaced with a 305. The 305 was bored .030 over, has a Crane cam, full length headers, turbo mufflers, Accel distributor and plug wires. The paint is the original color but resprayed in a base coat clear coat.

Larger Pic - Interior - Engine

This 1976 4-door Nova belongs to John Phillips. It has the original 250 L6 engine and with a 3 on the tree shifter both with 150,900 miles. John says he gets almost 30 miles to the gallon on the highway. He has replaced the water pump, alternator, clutch, starter, and had the carb rebuilt. He want's to keep it all stock for now except for the Camaro wheels and 215/75-14 tires. John is planning for a 350 with either a 5-speed on the floor or a 700R4 and darker blue paint.

Larger Pic - Side View

Dave Pordon's goal for this 1976 SS is to restore to showroom condition. Dave is the second owner of the car and has owned it for twelve years.

Larger Pic - Rear 3/4 View - Interior 1 - Interior 2

John Schertzer's Concourse Hatchback has a 305 V8 engine and was originally Firethorn Red inside and outside. John is the Original owner since Dec 16 1975. He drove it 180,000 miles from 75-92 with only the cam, lifters, timing chain and rockers replaced at 70,000 miles. john says it has been in his driveway since 1992 but he keeps it in running order. This was his first new car and he paid $5,495.00 plus tax when he bought it.

Larger Pic

17 year old Lisa Sherman pulled this 1976 Nova out of a grove back in July of 2003. She paid only $350 for it and it runs great. She said she's done everything on it herself and she's a huge Nova fan. She previously owned a 1975 Olds Omega.

Larger Pic - Rear 3/4 View

This 1976 Nova Concours is owned by Ray Stovall of El Paso, Texas. The Nova has a 350 V8 with a Holley 4-bbl with an Edelbrock intake, valve covers and headers. It runs 13.5's in the quarter. The color is bright Canary Yellow with 10" black stripes. The wheels are Weld aluminum with Firestone Firehawk tires.

Larger Pic - Rear View - Front View

This is Tim Stroup's 1976 Nova SS.

Larger Pic - Side Pic - Front Pic - Rear Pic - Interior - Engine

This is Greg Stull's 1976 Gold Medalist Nova (RPO-Z78). To see more of this beautiful car and the restoration process, check out his webpage.

Larger Pic - Trophy Pic

Jason Thompson owns this beautiful, award-winning, 1976 Nova SS. Jason bought the car in 1992 at the age of 15 and it took him 3 years to complete. It placed first in the 1973-1979 Street class of the 1996 Nova Nationals and second in the same class at the 1997 Nova Nationals. It also won the People's Choice award at both those shows. His Nova was also featured in the October 1995 issue of The Nova Times magazine. It is completely street driven, powered by a 400+hp 350, an M20 4-speed trans and 3.42 posi gears. The color is 1995 Ford Ultraviolet with flat white with PPG Rainbow Spectromatic added to the clearcoat which gives it a prism effect when the sun hits it. The flames are outlined in pearl magenta. The interior has 1999 Monte Carlo leather power buckets, Autometer gauges, an original SS steering wheel and a bowtie-shaped billet rearview mirror. The suspension has been lowered 2 1/2" all around with new polyurethane bushings. The wheels are 18x8" Centerlines with Nitto rubber.

Larger Pic - Side View - Rear Pic

Ron Van Berkel purchased this 1976 Concours from the original owners in Switzerland and took it home to the Nederlands. Ron says the only additions so far are a pair of flowmaster mufflers and 15" wheels.

Larger Pic - Interior Pic - Engine Pic

This is Joe Ventre's1976 Nova SS.

Larger Pic

Check out Thomas Youngs 99% original 1976 Nova SS. Thomas is the second owner of this original 54,614 mile beauty. It has a 350-4bbl with a 4 speed stick. The Nova has lead a pampered life with never having been through snow (ever), it has been kept out of the rain for the last 13 years, and the spare tire has never been out of the trunk! Thomas even has the original production sheet and window stickers! The only non-stock items are the tires and a new exhaust system (GM replacement parts).

Larger Pic - Front 3/4 Pic - Rear 3/4 Pic - Interior

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