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Steve Baisden's 1974 Nova is still a work in progress. This car has a mild 454 w/headers and a TH400 with a B&M rebuid kit. Full polyurethane suspension, large front and rear swaybars, 3.42 posi, and four wheel discs. Body and interior are next on Steves list to complete.

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Bobby Berry 1974 Nova has a 402 big block with a 750 Holley, a Lunati valve-train, Mallory distributor and an MSD Blaster 2 coil. The trans is a TH350 with a B&M 10" 3500-rpm converter and the rear has 4.11 gears and Strange axles. Bobby says it runs 11.40's.

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Andrew Boyd sent pictures of this 1974 Nova. It has a 454 bored out to a 468 with a Holley 750 double pump carb and an Edlebrock intake. The trans is a M22 4-speed and a Hurst Competiton Plus shifter. The rear has 4.11 gears, Lakewood traction bars, and dual 40s seires Flowmaster mufflers. This car has all new interior seats, panels, headliner, dash, dashpan, steering wheel, gauges, carpet, and JVC stereo. Andrew is only 15 years old and he and his dad have been working on this for a little over 3 years.

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These 2 1974 Novas belong to 19 year old Ryan Butram. He attends Purdue University and uses the Black one as his daily driver. It is a Nova Custom with a 350, 4-speed on the floor with a Hurst shifter, dual Flowmaster exhaust and traction bars. The red one was purchased with only a dead starter and was his daily driver through his senior year of high school. It has a 350 with a column-shifted TH350 with a shift kit, traction bars, new stainless steel brake lines, a front disc brake conversion and all new polyurathane bushings front and rear. It's now a parts car for the black one as he was hit a day before graduation.

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This is Aren Cambre's 1974 Nova. Aren is the operator of The Chevrolet Nova Internet Source.

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Seventeen year old Gerry Chavez owns this 1974 Nova that was given to him by his dad who has owned it since his high school years. It has its original 350 in it with an Edelbrock Air Gap Manifold, Holley 670 Double Pumper Carb, headers and a big cam and a fiberglass hood. It also has a Muncie 4-Speed, traction bars and Crager SS Rims.

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Carson sent me these pictures of his cousin Chris' 1974 Nova. He paid 6 grand for it from the guy that restored it from the ground up. It is an original 350/2bbl car. Add-ons include air shocks, headers, dual exhaust and chrome engine accessories.

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This 1974 Nova belongs to Scott Dahnke. Scott calls it "Old Yeller".

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This 1974 Nova was restored by Aaron Denneau owns this 1974 Nova hatchback. It has a 350 small block with a 4 barrel carb, dual exhaust and a posi rear end.

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This is Amos Eason's first car, a 1974 Nova. He and his father started the project in August of 2002 and have since added a 600 cfm Holley 4-bbl, an Edlebrock Performer intake manifold and a Crane Energizer cam to the 350 engine. The interior has been changed from green plaid to black with bucket seats. Other modifications include a shift kit for the TH350trans, a tach and a B&M Quicksilver ratchet shifter. The paint was just recently finished April of 2003 and is Cherry red Metallic with bright white stripes. The front and rear bumpers were brought closer to the car as well. It is Amos' daily driver and he takes it to the track every few weeks. There is an 1/8th mile drag strip there and both he and his father have a lot of fun racing.

Larger Pic - Driver Side

This is Joe Garcia's 1974 Nova.

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This is's1974 Nova that is still in progress.

Larger Pic - In-progress

This is Shane Hickey's 1974 Nova SS. It has a 350 with a TH350 trans and he has owned it for almost 15 years. Plans are for new chrome and paint in the near future.

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Dave Hintemeyer added a 1969 front end to his 1974 Nova. It also has a 350 small block with 10:1 compression Vortec heads, Edelbrock RPM Air-Gap intake, Speed Demon 750 carb, XE274H cam, gear drive, TH350 trans with a 3200-rpm converter, 8-pt rollcage, Caltracs, Trick Springs, CE Drag Shocks, 15x3 & 15x7 Draglites, 28x11.50 ET Streets and a 8.5" 10-bolt with 3.73 posi. Dave says it ran 13.10's last season and should run 12's now with suspension upgrades & weight reduction. 11's with a 125-hp shot.

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Steve Hood is the original owner of this highly customized 1974 Nova. It has a 350 with 10:1 compression, a Torker 2 intake and cam set, 2.02 heads with mild port work and an MSD ignition system. The trans is a TH350 with a shift kit and a 2800-rpm converter. The rear is a 12-bolt with 3.73 gears.

Larger Pic - Engine Pic - Front Suspension - Interior - Rear Suspension

The Johnson's own this 1974 Nova Custom. It has only 42,000 original miles on the 350 4-bbl carb. and 4-speed trans. It has been completely restored and is in perfect condition.

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This is Lucille's 1974 Nova SS. According to the Vintage Vehicle package she received from GM, there were only 599 produced in Canada with the Z/26 Super Sport option. She has owned it for over 3 years and it will be restored in the not too distant future. This is the 'before' picture. She said it's in great shape inside and out to start with. The chrome wheels will be replaced with original style rally rims and she is going to keep it as close to original as possible. Under the hood is a 350ci and a 4-speed M20. Inside is a floor console, bucket seats and tinted windows. The original colour was bright yellow (#51) and Lucille said she's not loving that part of the restoration, but hopefully it will grow on her. The black and gold stripe kit is also going to be reinstalled.

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Joe Marrone purchased this 1974 Nova back in January of 2002. The car has 46,000 original miles and was garaged for most of its life. Joe plans to mod the 250 six cylinder with upgrades from Clifford Performance in the near future as well as get new wheels, tires and dual exhaust.

UPDATE 10/01/04: The car underwent an eight month, total body-off frame restoration and just about evertyhing mechanical was upgraded. A detailed description of the restoration can be seen on his his webpage.

Larger Pic - Rear 3/4 View - Before Pic

Sean McEachern's 1974 Nova has a 350 and TH350 trans. With only 41k original miles, Sean said it is a work in progress.

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Denis Mulaskey is the owner of this 1974 Nova. It has only 53,000 miles on it and the only things he has done to it was to add dual exhaust and to make a small repair to the front seat which had a tear in it. He originally bought it to resell but after driving it a bit he couldn't give it up. It has a 350 and auto trans.

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This is Brandon Perkins' 1974 Nova Custom. He is the second owner but the original owner was his mother. It's almost all original with a 350 V8. Brandon is presently in the process of restoring it. Check out his webpage for more info.

Larger Pic - Rear View

Ryan Petersen's 1974 Nova SS has been in his family since sometime in the 80ís. This is picture of it in its prime. Right now it sits with a primed body and is ready for a completion. It will be original, no hop-ups or extraís, just like it was off the show room.

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This 1974 Nova Custom belongs to Brian Roberson. Purchased for $1,500 it has tinted windows and a custom vinyl roof. The vinyl roof was originally blue but he just changed it to black. The original 6 cylinder engine has been replaced by a 335-hp 355 V8 and the TH350 trans has been rebuilt with a shift kit.

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This is Rob's 1974 Nova. It is equipped with a .030" over 327 (331) with 11.0 to 1 compression, a TH350 trans with a 4000 rpmconverter and a 4.88 gears. It has run a best of 11.66 @ 112 mph in street trim and ET street tires. Check out his webpage for a closer look.

Larger Pic - Engine Pic

This is Gary Sanderlin's 1974 Nova.

Larger Pic - Side View

This 1974 Nova belongs to Robert Shaner. Recently purchased in November of 2001, it has a 305 V8, automatic, a Z-gate shifter, bucket seats, a Pioneer sound system, and a 3.73 geared posi rearend. The car has only42K original miles on it. It was custom painted by his brother and graphics were done by his friend. The taillights were made into Chevy Bowties. In the near future, he plans on replacing the 305 with a modified 350, a 750 Holley carb and TH350 with a shift kit and a 2500-rpm convertor. Check out his webpage for a closer look.

Larger Pic - Engine Pic - Interior Pic - Taillights

This is Josh Simmons' 1974 Nova SS. It is painted prowler orange and has painted on metalic black and pearl white stripes. Before he got this car, it was on its last leg. It took him 2 years and countless hours to rebuild it. Josh said without the help of his dad it would have never been possible. Some of the things in the Nova are: a Chevy 355 small block with 10:1 flat top pistons, 2.02 double hump heads, Comp roller cam with 305 duration and .525" lift, a 540 Holley Street Avenger Carb, Headman headers with ceramic coating, 3500-rpm TCI converter, Accel distributer and an MSD ignition box, aluminum Edelbrock intake, TH350 trans, 40 series Flowmaster mufflers, Moser Engineering 12-bolt with 3.73 posi gears, American Racing wheels (15x6" on the front and 17x9.5" rear).

Larger Pic - Side View - Burnout Pic - Engine Pic 1 - Engine Pic 2 - Interior Pic 1 - Interior Pic 2

Stefan Smith said he just finished restoring this 1974 Nova. His parents got it for him on his 16th birthday. From there his he, his dad and his grandad put about two months of work into the body. It's got a 350 engine that was rebuilt before the car was purchased and an automatic trans.

Larger Pic

Jay Sousa says he built this 1974 Nova himself. It was an original California car with a 350. Jay made it an SS clone and installed a 355 ZZ4 engine, TH350 trans and a 12-bolt rear with 4.11 gears. It also has a Be-Kool radiator, underdrive pulleys and bucket seats.

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Craig Svader owns this 1974 Nova. It has a 406 small block with a 700R4 trans. Craig says he puts about 4000 miles a summer on it so it's fairly mild with only 10.8 to 1 compression. It runs on pump gas and so far his best ET was 12.04 @ 112 mph in street trim. Craig is expecting high 11's once it breaks in and he tunes some more on it. The rearend is a 10 bolt with 3.73 ratio and slapper bars. He will be adding the new Edelbrock Performer RPM Air-Gap intake and a 200-hp fogger setup soon and is hoping to hit mid 10's.

Larger Pic

This is John Tyson's 1974 Nova. It has a 350 with forged crank, rods and pistons, worked Vortec heads, Victor Vortec intake, Holley 650 and a 250-shot of NOS. The trans is a TH350 with a shift kit, manual valve body and a 3200-rpm stall. For now the rear is a 8.5" 10-bolt with 3.73 gears and a posi and slapper bars. A 9" Ford rear with 4.10 gears and CalTrac bars are in the works.

Larger Pic - Rear View

Thomas Weeks owns this sweet 1974 Nova. It has a 350 small-block with an Edelbrock Performer intake and 600 carb. The ignition has been upgraded to electronic and a Flowmaster dual exhaust system added. Alot has been replaced: new TH350 trans, suspension, disc brakes, power steering, factory air, new interior. Originally purchased in rough shape to be fixed up for his 16 year old daughters first car, he decided to keep it for himself.

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