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This is Juan Alvarez's 1975 Nova. Juan is from Spain and says the 250 L6 engine is great because gas there $1 per liter there. The Nova was built in Tarrytown, NY and arrived in France by ship in 1975. He says it's one of the few Novas in Europe (in Spain there are only 5). It was originally blue with white roof, sport steering wheel and BBS wheels. Juan recently painted it grey. He drives it regularly and says the engine goes like the first time. See more on his his webpage.

Larger Pic - Passenger Side - Driver Side - Rear View

This 1975 Nova belongs to Kevin Aufman. The engine is a .030 over 307 with flat top pistons and a lumpy cam. The intake is an Edelbrock Performer RPM and the carb is an Edelbrock 750 cfm. The headers are Flowtech Afterburners leading into dual Flowmasters. The ignition is a Petronix unit with Taylor wires. The transmission is a TH350 with a shift kit. The rear end is the stock 8.5 posi. Thecar has subframe connectors, Lakewood traction bars and 14 inch ralley wheels. See more on his his webpage.

Larger Pic - Hood Up - Doors Open - Engine

Andrew Batenhorst owns this non-so-common 1975 Nova. It looks like your average 1975 Nova coupe but what you don't see is the 9C1 option package. What is a 9C1 Nova? Well, it's basically the Police package which consists of a heavier duty suspension, cooling system and components. Andrews Nova isn't 100% stock however. First the car was repainted about 3 months ago,the 350 V8 now has a performance cam, and the transmission was replaced with a 700-R4. The tires are Cooper Cobra GT Radial mounted on American Racing 5 spoke rims. Andrews says the approximate horsepower is about 290 and he has no problem taking down 5.0s. Future mods include building up engine to make around 400 horsepower or more, dual exhaust, clean up interior, new rims, and run her at the strip.

Larger Pic - Rear Quarter Panel - Side View

This is Brian Busse's 1975 Nova LN. Hebought the car from his girlfriends mother for $1000 in June of 2001. Her father purchased it 3 or 4 years earlier at an auction for $1200 just for the 350 engine. Everything is original except for the SS emblem in the grille. Brian will keep it that way with the exception of new paint and the radio. Check out his webpage for more info and pics.

Larger Pic - Engine

Whitney Collins is only 16 years only but bought this Nova around April of 2001. It has a 350 in it with a Crane cam, 1.6 ratio roller rockers, Keith Black pistons and Dart Pro 1 heads making 10.5:1cr. The intake is a Weiand Team G with an Edelbrock 650-cfm 4-bbl. The trans is a TH350 with a shift kit and the exhaust consists of headers and dual exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers.

Larger Pic - Rear 3/4 View - Engine

Darrell's 1975 Nova hatchback has a 355 small block with Dart heads, a Victor Jr tall inake, Manley forged 12.5 to 1 pistons and a Comp Cams solid camshaft. Power is 525-hp at the crank. The car also has a TH 350 trans and a 9-inch rear with 4.10 gears. Best time was 11.36 @ 118mph.

Larger Pic - Another View - Engine - Interior

Larry Eyman just purchased this 1975 Nova for under $950. It currently has a 6-cylinder in it but Larry is having a small block V8 built for it. He said he is looking forward to making it respectable again.

Larger Pic

Jeff says this 1975 SS has a 396 big block, an M22 4-speed and a 12-bolt rear with 4.56 gears.

Larger Pic - Engine

Rob Hartog is from the Netherlands and owns this sweet 1975 Nova.He says the interior is like new and the 350 V8 is still very tight.

Larger Pic

This sweet 1975 hatchback has been owned by Jeff Horton for about 13 years and has been restored over the last couple of years. The original 350 and Saginaw 4-speed has been replaced with a homebuilt 406 smallblock and muncie M20 4-speed which run into the original 8.5" 10-bolt that now sports 3.73 gears, an Auburn posi and Moser axles. It runs 12.30's @ 113 mph in the quarter.

Larger Pic

Chris K. is the owner of this 1975 Nova. Don't let the grille fool you, he replaced the original cracked one with one from a 1976 Nova (but he hates the blandness of it). He purchased it from his friend's grandfather who bought it new. It has 42K miles on the original 250 L6. It was faded yellow and a little rusty with mis-matched paint that was brushed on in various places. The interior was flawless and the chrome has held up nicely. He said he had to suffer through months of teasing, waiting until he had the money to get it painted (dark blue poly from a 1995 GM van).

Larger Pic - Rear 3/4 View - Interior

This 1975 Nova used to belong to Rikki Kirchner's Aunt Evelyn who bought it from the original owner in 1986. It was Aunt Evelyn's grocery-getter and transportation to church and bingo until she passed away in 1999. It has a 250 straight 6 and automatic trans. Rikki had the interior re-done in blue but the exterior still needs paint. Unfortunately the car sits outside currently so Rikki is not in a hurry to paint it. But even without paint, Rikki is always asked if it's for sale.

Larger Pic - Front View - Rear View

Ken Kvalheim bought this 1975 Nova 25 years ago when it had 38,500 miles (105,000 currently). It has a standard 250 6-cylinder engine and a 3-speed manual transmission. Fifteen years ago he moved the shifter from the column to the floor. Ken says he has had no major work done on it and that it just keeps going and going. Although it has a few rust spots (it has been stored outside in the Seattle weather for 25 years), it still gets frequent compliments.

Larger Pic

Alan Ladd is the proud owner of this 1975 Nova. It's a clone SS with a 1976 SS grille. It has a GM bowtie block, dart heads, 13.5:1 Arias pistons, Victor jr intake with a highly modified 750 Edelbrock and 3" of spacers, custom grind oval track cam, Pete Jackson gear drive, TH350 built by Transgo, 4800 B&M converter, MSD ignition, hooker Supercomp headers, Sam Biondo line lock, factory GM posi with 4.56 Richmond gears, custom aluminum driveshaft, custom lift bars. He usually runs the stock rallys with Jetzon bias ply tires on the street. Alan says the car will absolutely destroy the tires whenever he wants from a stoplight or at 40 mph but he doesn't have any timeslips yet. The engine came from his girlfriends brothers pro-stock car, and has been dynoed at 593-HP @ 7900-rpm and 597-lbs torque @ 6350-rpm. He says it gets almost 6 miles to the gallon (at $5.55 a gallon for race gas) and bring on the built up imports. The interior is all stock,except for the stereo and gauges. It's got a pretty large Soundstream/Infinity system with 14 speakers, 3 10"subs, 1400 watts from 2 Infinity digital amplifiers, all installed by himself. Alan says that with the glasspack exhaust you need all this to hear the tunes. Future plans are for a holley dominator carb and a Dart intake combo and a new cowl hood. He's hoping to hit 625 hp.

Larger Pic - Another View

This is Phill Legnitto's 1975 Nova Custom. It has a 350 4-bbl engine with only 52K miles. Phil says the guy he bought it from was retired and always kept it . It's 100 percent original including the paint.

Larger Pic - Rear 3/4 View - Interior

This is Ryan Markley's 1975 Nova SS. It's powered by a 454 big block and a fully race-preped TH400 auto. It makes around 550 horsepower. The rear is a narrowed Ford 9-inch with 33x19.50-15 MTs. Ryan says he has never taken it to the dragstrip. This car was built about 17 years ago by his uncle, Chuck Brown, who did race it. When his uncle was sadly killed in a car accedent in 1987 the car sat in a damp garage wasting away to nothing. A year and a half ago Ryan desided to bring back to life.

Larger Pic - Side View - Engine

Monte Menzel owns this 1975 Nova. It has a 350 with aluminum 58cc heads, Manley 2.02 and 1.60 valves, Wiend intake, Quadrajet, HEI, MSD6AL, K&N, TH350 w/stage II shiftkit, and a B&M shifter. Check out his webpage for more info and pics.

Larger Pic

This is Ed Richard's 1975 Nova. From the factory it had a 262 V8 but Ed and his son rebuilt and installed a 350 out of a 1980 1-ton van. It also originally came with a vinyl top but Ed removed it and re-painted the Nova its original white color. The interior is dark red, the trans is a TH350 and he replaced the rear with a 3.73 posi. The rear tires are 245/60-15 and the fronts are 225/60-15.

Larger Pic - Rear 3/4 View - Engine

Norm Stacey's 1975 Nova has a 358 small block with a Pete Jackson gear drive, Edelbrock intake, Holley 600 carb, MSD 6AL ignition and roller rockers. The trans is a 700-R4 with a skift kit. The rear has 4.11 Richmond gears with a Strange carrier and GM axles.

Larger Pic - Interior

This is Matt Staley's 1975 Nova Custom coupe. It is all original except the paint, rims and tires. It has a 262 V8 engine and Matt plans to semi-restore it.

Larger Pic - Front View

This 1975 Nova Custom was originally purchased by tAWMy's father. Since then, tAWMy has inherited it. Other than the paint and wheels it is all original and tAWMy still has the original hubcaps. The engine is a 350 2-bbl with 75,000 miles.

Larger Pic

This 1975 Nova hatchback belongs to Lamans Waters. It's all original except for the 1976 305 engine (which replaced the original 250 L6).

Larger Pic

This is Rick Whitesitt' 1975 Nova LN. Rick races it at Bremerton Raceway in the Sportsman bracket. Rick says he and his wife love this year Nova because it was the frist year of this body style and only year of the LN.

Larger Pic - Burnout Pic

This is Denis Wood's 1975 Nova. Check out his webpage for more info and pics.

Larger Pic - Side View

This 1975 SS hatchback was a dream car Aaron Yurkanin found after looking for 12 years. Purchased in 2001 it had 46k miles on the all original 350. The original owner was a survivor of the attack on the US Arizona in Pearl Harbor and spent almost two years in recovery from burns sustainded. The Nova spent 18 months in the resto shop to make a rustfree car even more nice. Aaron said he has all the paper work to prove it's a real SS. The paint Was originally sand beige but now has a pearl orange color. Aaron also has 2 1978 Novas.

Larger Pic

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