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Brian Alston cals his 1977 Nova "NovaDawg. He bought it from a guy who worked at a Salvage yard. This car belonged to his grandmother who drove it until she was unable to anymore. The car currently at about 66,000 miles. This car was kept in a garage and her grandson decided to work on this car. Because he had another project he was working on and needed cash, he sold it to Brian for $1,000. The car then had to sit another year before Brian began working on it.

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Chris Burkett used to have a 1979 Nova but now owns this 1977 Nova. It has a 350 that contains 9.8:1 flat tops with 305 heads, a Lunati 480 cam, Edlebrock Performer RPM intake, 650-cfm Edlebrock carb and a K&N air cleaner to top it off. Backing it is a built TH350 with a B&M shift kit and a Hurst ratchet shifter. The exhaust is 2-1/2" Flowmaster that exits out infront of the back tires. Chris is still working on the interior and I needs some help finding all the stock panels. The body is in the works as well and is looking at a Pearl White paint job soon.

Larger Pic - Rear View - Engine - Interior

Rob Cameron is from Humboldt Sask Canada and this is his 1977 Nova. It has a 350 with nitrous, TH350 trans and a 4.11 posi rear.

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Andrew Clarkson of Ontario, Canada purchased this 1977 Nova in July of 2004. It has a 350 4-bbl, 4-speed trans, posi rearend, buckets, console, tach, and AM radio.

Larger Pic - Engine Pic - Instrument Cluster - Interior Pic

This is Chris' 1977 Concours. It was purchased by his father for $500 and the two got it running and fixed it up. The lowered it, added new wheels and a killer stereo. His father turned over the keys to him last year on his 15th birthday. Plans are for upgrades to the 305 and a more powerful stereo.

Update 09/01/02: Chris added dual 2-chamber Flowmaster mufflers and added a new aluminum 4-bbl intake with a rebuilt Quadrajet on top. He also added some nice chrome trim under the hood. Upgrades to the stereo include more speakers and amps into the car (mostly Rockford Fosgate stuff).
Larger Pic - Rear 3/4 View

Brian Cooper owns this 1977 Nova Rally. He added the black paint and gold stripes as well as a 375-hp 400 small block. It was originally a 3-speed car but he changed it to a 4-speed.

Update 12/16/00: Over the summer, Brian put 3" exhaust on it with Flowmaster mufflers and also installed some traction bars. He took it racing this summer at an 1/8th mile track where it was running in the low 9's. Brian wasn't satisfied with that so he decided to pull the 400 out that was in it and build it into a 406. He put TRW forged pistons in it, 5.7 rods, had the heads made into 2.02/1.60 valves. The cam is a Lunati Bracket Master II that has a lift of .515" and an advertised duration of 300. A Holley Street Dominator Intake and 750cfm Edelbrock carb was also added. The ignition system is a 6AL MSD control box, a billet aluminum MSD ditributor and MSD Super Conductor 8.8mm spark plug wires. To make the engine compartment look nicer he added some ceramic-coated Flow-tech Headers. The Muncie M-21 4-speed is shifted with a V-Gate in line 4-speed shifter.

Update 01/01/02: Over the past year Brian put a 4-3/4" fiberglass cowl hood on it from Unlimited fiberglass and changed the rear end gears from 3.73 to 4.56. He blew up the Muncie 4-speed so he replaced it with put a Richmond Super T-10. He also installed an 8-point roll cage, a 12 gal. fuel cell and 1/2" fuel line all the way to the carb.

Larger Pic - Drag Racing 1 - Drag Racing 2 - Drag Racing 3

Paul Derry found this 1977 Nova in Rochester, NY for $3,000. It has a 250 L6 with approx 37,000 miles on the odometer. Was stored 7 years before he got it in 2004. Paul replaced a few original parts like the radiator, cap, rotor, wires, push rod cover gaskets, and rear leaf springs. The original spare and jack are there, as is the original AM radio. Paul says it runs and drives like a dream.

Larger Pic - Rear 3/4 View - Rear View - Interior

This is Roberto de la Fuente's 1977 Nova.

Larger Pic - Front View - Rear 3/4 View - Interior

Andrew Nelson and Sean DeVine of Fly With Junk Racing built this 1977 Nova for under $2000 to compete in a budget racing series. I first saw this car in How Rod where they discussing the competition. This Nova was the quickest in the quarter mile doing it all naturally aspriated. Sean said the engine is a flee market refugee. Cylinders 7 & 8 were rusted and needed to be sanded in order to clean. The cam required 45 minutes of sanding. There are .060" over TRW flat top pistons and a dirt-track cam that measures .612" lift. The valve reliefs were clearanced with a belt sander. Everything is well worn with .015" end play and .005-6 piston clearance. While cylinders 7 & 8 cleaned up after rust removed, 3, 4 & 6 had scoring. The intake is box stock Edelbrock Victor Jr. with no porting and an 850 Holley on top. Headers are 1-7/8" x 32" with a home fabricated collector. Two 3" secondary pipes to a single 4" exhaust. Muffler fabbed from 5" tractor trailer stack found on the road. The Canfield heads have a shifted intake port and no port work done. The Intake port is 195 cc and flow 259" at 28". The unknown convertor stalls about 2,800 on line with foot brake. They removed 1,162 pounds of the car to achieve a race weight of 2,727 pounds with driver and gas. Sean says the thing sounds like it turning a bazzillion rpm's because of the single exhaust. Shifts 1-2 at 6,700 and 2-3 at 6,900. Through traps at 6,800 with 4.11 gear & 28.5" tire. The car ran 10.48 on posted timeslip with 87 octane and no NOS.

Larger Pic - Engine

This is Dan Gerencser's 1977 Nova Rally. It ran mid 13's at Maple Grove Raceway (in Pennsylvania) back in the 80's. Dan bought it from a friend in 1988 and transported it down to Florida.

Larger Pic - Driver Side Pic - Interior

Mack Guerra III purchased this 1977 Nova fro $1000 from an elderly woman who was the first and only owner. It has a rebiult 250 L6,automatic transmission, and functioning after market air conditioning. It's mostly stock right now but a new 350 powerplant (retaining a/c), fresh paint, and new interior are underway.

Larger Pic - Rear View - Side View

This is Wallace Hernandez Jr.'s 1977 Nova. You will find him driving it all over Oahu, Hawaii! It has a 305 with Edelbrock's 600-cfm carb and Performer intake. The cam is a Crane Energizer with only .427" lift but he said it's great for low end torque which he needs because it's his daily driver for now. Some of the other goodies are a Pete Jackson noisy gear drive, Weld Draglites (15x4 front, 15x10 rear), a 4-speed trans and the stock 2.73 10-bolt rear. Future upgrades include 3.73 gears, a 4" cowl induction hood, new paint (same color bright yellow but with black stripes) and a 383 to replace the 305.

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Tom Hogshead's 1977 Nova has a Turbonetics T76 turbocharged .040" over 350 +.040. While the pictures chow a blow-thru carb setup, it has been replaced with an intercooler and fuel injection. Tom says the car run's in the 10's at over 126-mph on 93 octane pump gas. This car is also featured on the United Engine website.

Larger Pic - Engine

Arjan Kolkman is from the Netherlands and owns this 6.5L diesel Nova. When he bought the Nova in 1993 it had a 250 L6 and a TH350 trans. He has a second Nova that the body was in bad shape but it had a 305 V8 so he made one good V8 Nova from 2. However, Arjan is a diesel fan so in December of 2002 when he came across a 1995 Chevy ambulance in a junkyard with a large 6.5L diesel and an 4L80E trans he knew he had buy the engine and trans to make a very unique Nova.

Larger Pic - Side View - Rear View - Engine

This 1977 Novas belongs to Brad Lowrance. His first car was a 1977 4-door Nova and he loved it. Eight years after he sold it he got Nova withdrawl and went looking for another. He found this Nova and with his wifes consent he purchased it. He has made quite a bit of progress on a small budget. It was a mess when I first got it: bald tires, broken windshield, the interior was destroyed with about 2 inches of dirt. the muffler was missing and none of the lights worked. He said he found this all out as I drove it home at night and got pulled over for having only one working tail light. Luckily the officer gave him an assist home. Since getting the car he has gotten new tires, new windshiled, fixed the exhaust, cleaned the interior. He also sanded and primed it, which you can see in the pics. Check out his CarDomain webpage for more information and pictures.

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Yet another 1977 Nova Rally, this one owned by Richard Marshall. Rich says the paint is original and the spare tire has never been used. He even still has the original tires. A list of mods include: ZZ4 (L98) aluminum heads, a Holley carb and intake, Crane 274 cam with 1.6 rockers, Accel ignition parts, Hayes clutch, 17" BBS wheels, 3.73 rear and a Lock-Right locker. It ran 14.78 @ 95 with the original 3.08 gears. Rich used to autocross the car and it was very competitive and extremely reliable. Check out his webpage for more information and pictures.

Larger Pic - Rear View - Old Pic

Jeff Maxwell says his 1977 Nova with a 400-hp 350 and a TH350 tranny was once one of those little old lady cars. It had 30,150 miles on it and was garage kept with very little surface rust. Now it has Slide-A-Link traction bars, 3.77 rear gears, 15" wheels, PPG Astral Blue paint with clearcoat.

Larger Pic - Rear 3/4 View - Engine

Todd McGuire's 1977 Nova had a factory 305 and 4-speed originally but now has a nicely built 350 with a Muncie 4-speed, and 3.90 posi rear. It has factory black interior and custom installed Stewart Warner gauges. Full 3 inch exhaust system with Hooker headers and Flowmasters. Frame connectors, J-bolt traction bars, 15x8 rear and 15x6 front early rally wheels, auminum Be-Cool radiator, electric fans and BFG tires.

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This 1977 Nova Rally belongs to Justin Milam. It's all original with only 60K miles. The only non-original parts is the 1975 grill that replaced a missing 1977 Rally grille.

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Jesse Pryor is the owner of this 1977 Nova. It has the original 250 L6 with about 108,000 miles. His father bought it for him and they have done all of the restoration work themselves, including a new paint job last July (2000). Unfortunately, in June of 2001, he was driving it about 45-50 mph when someone going the other direction decided to make a left turn right in front of him. He said he locked the brakes up and plowed right into him. Don't worry, Jesse plans to rebuild it again.

Larger Pic - Side View - In Progress - Accident Pic 1 - Accident Pic 2

This is Rob Roberson's 1977 Nova Rally.

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This is Jason Rodriguez's 1977 Nova. Jason is only 16 and bought the Nova when he was 15 from a friend for $500. Jason and his brother installed a tweed interior, a CD player, new speakers and a set of Weld Pro Stars and new tires. The original 250 L6 engine was replaced by a rebuilt 350 with a Crane Cam, Edelbrock Performer intake, a Carter AFB Competition carb, headers, Taylor spark plug wires and a K&N filter. The transmission was also rebuilt and had a shift kit installed and a 2500-rpm converter. Jason also installed a B&M Mega Shifter. The rear end is still stock and he is looking forward to putting a posi with 3.73 gears. Jason says he needs to finish the interior and the car will get new paint.

Larger Pic - Rear 3/4 View - Engine 1 - Engine 2

This 1977 Nova belongs to Mario Rodriguez and it's his daily driver. It has 23 degree TFS heads, and a Weiand intake. It used to have a six cylinder so it still has the weak 7.5" 10-bolt but it will be replaced with a 8.5" 10 bolt in the near future.

Larger Pic - Side View - Rear 3/4 View

Will Starr's 1977 Nova used to be black but his father talked him into getting it painted white and doing the trim and bumpers in flat black. It currently has a 383 small block but he is in the process of purchasing a 400 small block or possibly a 406. The interrior redone including a new headliner, bucket seats out of a 1975 Z28 and a molded carpet. With the help of his father he installed a B&M Quaterstick. He has been running consistent low 13's with the hope of getting in the 12's before retiring the 383 and moving up to something larger.

Larger Pic - Driver Side

Mike Urmson purchased this Rally off Ebay in August of 2002 only to find out later it was a clone. However, he also discovered that the original 305/TH350 was replaced by a 1974 400 small block and a 200-4R trans. Mike replaced all the leaking engine gaskets, installed headers and Flowmasters, replaced the Carter 4-bbl with a 650-cfm Holley, added a new HEI ignition, re-did the interior, replaced the factory rally wheels with Crager wheels and added the functional, bolt-on hood scoop.

Larger Pic - Driver Side - Rear 3/4 View

This is Mark Weber's 1977 Nova, called Rat-Infested. He bought it new in 1977, with a 350/4-speed. It now has a 454 with a 4-speed. He just finished installing a 6-point rollbar and nitrous.

Larger Pic - Engine - Trunk Pic

This 1977 Concours belongs to Tyler Welch. It has a 305 V8 and an automatic transmission. It started out as a very rough looking old light blue with a white vinyl roof, some rust spots and quite a few dings. He had dual exhaust and glass packs put on, along with air shocks, 15" chrome wheels and 205/70 R15 tires. The vinyl top was redone with silver vinyl, and he got the car painted Metallic Indigo Blue Pearl. He's still working on it and needs to get a new headliner and upholstery work done.

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