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Paul Bowlin is the proud owner of this 1978 Nova. It has the factory 305 cubic inch motor. When he bought the car it had 76,000 miles and it now has 95,000 miles. The factory 2 barrel and exhaust manifolds were replaced with a 600-cfm Holley 4-bbl, a Weiand Stealth aluminum intake manifold, Dynomax long tube headers, an MSD-6A ignition box, Accel HEI Super Coil, and a set of Accel Super Stock plug wires.

Larger Pic - Engine 1 - Engine 2

This is Jeremy Bumpus' 1978 Nova. It has a new Gm Goodwrech 350, TH350 trans with B&M shift kit, 3.73 gears, new paint, new tweed interior, custom billet grill and bumper trim, new Crager rims and tires, 6" cowl hood and custom exhaust.

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This is Alan Burkhardt's 1978 Nova Rally. Check out his webpage to see his other Novas.

Larger Pic - Rear View

This 1978 Nova Custom Custom belongs to Chad Byers. It has a Sallee Chevrolet modified 502 BBC rated at 613 hp at sea level. Chad then added a Procharger D-3M centrifugal supercharger, a Spearco intercooler, and Speed Pro sequential fuel injection. He estimates the power at sea level would be about 950 hp. Check out his webpage.

Larger Pic - Engine 1 - Engine 2

Steve Cooper and his wife were away on a two-day getaway to Liverpool, Nova Scotia when he saw this 1978 Nova for sale on the side of the road. The brown paint is original and in almost showroom condition with only two quarter sized surface rust areas at the back wheel wells. Other than that Steve says it is as solid as the day it was driven off of the lot. The original 305 has 150,000 km and was never been driven in the winter. The previous owner was a car enthuiest who owns an immaculate 1957 Chevy and five other vehicles but sold the Nova because he didn't want to keep her if he couldn't drive her.

Larger Pic

This is Jason Cosh's1978 Nova 4-door just out of the paint shop. It has the original 250 inline-6. Jason bought it from a friend who was using it as a winter beater. He said he had to save it and make her worthy of the Nova name. A 350 v8 is lined up to make it a nice little sleeper.

Larger Pic - Rear View - Engine - Before Pic owns this 1978 Nova. It still has the stock 250 inline six but will be changed this summer to a 350 or 383 stroker. Check out his webpage.

Larger Pic

This is Daniel Dangeleit's 1978 Nova. It has a 350 smallblock with Vortec heads, Comp Cams XE268 cam, Performer RPM intake and a Holley 750 that puts out an estimated 375-hp. The trans is a TH350 with a 2500-rpm converter. The rear is the stock 8.5" 10 bolt rear with 2.41 gears (soon to be replaced with a posi and 3.42 gears).

Larger Pic - Side View - Rear View - Interior

Rick Ford is the original owner of this 1978 Nova Rally. It's powered by the original 305 and has only 51,000 miles on it. The paint was touched up in January of 2000.

Larger Pic - Side View

This is Brad Juneman's 1978 Chevrolet Nova 4-door. Brad blew up the original 250 inline-6 motor and replaced it with a bored out inline 6 that now measures 258 ci. The original trans was a 3-speed manual on the column that he converted to a floor shift. The wheels are American Eagle Alloy Series 28. Brad says he hopes to install a new 350 engine, 4-speed and a 3.73 posi rear end in the next few years.

Larger Pic - Rear 3/4 View - Engine

This is black with red 1978 Custom Rally belongs to D. MacDonald. It's a 305 4-speed with the RPO-A20 Swing-out rear quarter windows.

Larger Pic - Front 3/4 View - Rear 3/4 View

Here is Chris Mack's 1978 Nova. It's has a rebuilt 350 and Chris says mostly everything on the car has been redone or changed including that custom cut Chevrolet bowtie tail lights.

Larger Pic

Bobby Magee purchased this Nova in 2001 in the interior of BC. Bobby says that once the entire fuel system, including fuel tank, was replaced and one exhaust gasket fixed, this baby has been purring along. 1978 was a year of significance for Bobby and he said this Cherry Bomb serves as a wonderful reminder of that time.

Larger Pic - Interior - Engine

This is Charles Nagy's 1978 Nova Custom. Charles said it belonged to his cousin's mother. She gave it to her grandson to drive to college but when their mechanic said it needed a timing chain they were going to junk it. Fortunately they gave Charles because he had owned 3 previous 4th generation Novas. As it turned out, all it needed was a carberator and a tune up. Charles said it's driven daily to work and he has been driving it for 13 years. It has 191,100 miles on the original, stock 305. The color is Dark Camel and the wheels are 15" American Racing Tailgunner-series 772.

Larger Pic - Rear 3/4 View

This is Mike O'Brien's 1978 Nova. It has a standerd bore 350 with flattop pistons, a .502" lift cam and TrickFlow heads. The trans is a TH350 with a Hughes 8" converter. Exaust is 1-3/4" Headman headers and 2.5" Dr Gas pipe with Dynomax Ultraflow mufflers. The rearend is an 8.5" 10 bolt with 4.56 gears and an Auburn posi unit. Future plans include an 8 point rollbar, cowl indution hood and Centerline Worrior wheels.

Larger Pic

This is Russ Richards' 1978 Nova SS clone.

Larger Pic

Mallory Sanders' 1978 Nova hatchback is still in the process of being rebuilt. It has the original 305 engine with dual exhaust. Bucket seats are from a 1997 Camaro replaced the worn out front bench seat. Wheels are 14" front and 15" rear Crager SS.

Larger Pic - Rear 3/4 View

Tony Savino purchased this 1978 Nova new in April of 1978. The car became rusted from living in Wisconsin. In 1996, Tony and his son Adam started a two-year adventure of restoring the car. The car from the factory had the following options: hatchback, black paint, blue interior, 305, 4-speed, tachometer gauge package, sport mirrors, color coated rally wheels, tinted glass, AM/FM radio. Tony likes his cars stock so only a few minor modifications were made. The pattern on the seats doesn't exactly match the original and he put in electric windows. Tony and his son say they have the correct grille for the car but they are using one from a 1976 SS. All the trim and script on the outside of the car is all new including front and rear bezels, side marker bezels and the bumpers. They even found an NOS bowtie for the front of the hood, but because it was so hard to find they are keeping it off the car for now. The car has a rebuilt transmission, rear end, new fuel lines, new brakes, brake lines, new parking brake cables, new fuel tank, new springs, new shocks and a new clutch. He still has the factory window sticker and all the paperwork from when he purchased the car.

Larger Pic

This is Stephen Swaim's first car. He bought it from the original owner back in February of 2001. He replaced the original 305 with a 350. The front end is from a 1975 Nova and it was painted 2002 Ford Mineral Grey.

Larger Pic - Side View - Rear 3/4 View

Jacob Wilson has owned this 1978 Nova since he was in High School. The motor was rebuilt before he bought it but he added all the other features. It has the stock 350 V8 with a high lift cam, Edelbrock intake, Edelbrock 4-bbl 600-cfm carb, Edelbrock chrome air breather, Edelbrock chrome valve covers, chrome thermostat, headers, dual exaust with glasspacks, stock TH350 transmission. The rear is stock with 2" shackle lift, Cragar SS/T solid dish chrome rims (15" on rear 14" on front). The body work included rear quarters, rockers, L88 hood scoop. It is painted Patriot Blue and has under body light kit (Blue/Purple). The interior is new with black bucket seats.

Larger Pic - Driver Side - Engine

Aaron Yurkanin says this brown 1978 Nova will be a changed into a yellow Rally Sport in the summer of 2005. He found a nice grill and NOS Rally emblems. He just installed an Edelbrock intake and 650 carb along with duals and Flowmasters on the otherwise stock 305. Check out his other 1978 Nova below.

Larger Pic

Aaron Yurkanin also owns this 1978 Nova. He said he has owned it since 1988. The car was painted twice but is all original except for the wheels. The engine is a 305. No only does Aaron own this and the above 1978 Nova but he also has a 1975 SS that can be seen in the 1975 gallery.

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