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Dave Axt sold his all stock 1975 Nova when he found this 1973 Nova on eBay. It has a 350 with a Crane cam, Torker 2 intake, Holley 750 double pumper, Summit distributor, MSD coil, 9mm Accel wires, Hooker Supercomp headers that feed into a 3 inch exaust and 50 series Flowmasters, Tilton mini starter, auto trans with shift kit and manual valve body, B&M ratchet shifter, Street Fighter 3000-rpm converter, Eaton posi with 3.73 Richmond gears, 8-point roll cage and a Moroso battery box with cutoff in the trunk. Future plans call for new pistons, roller rockers, 4-link supension and 2.02/1.60 ported heads.

Larger Pic - Side View - Engine

This 1973 Nova belongs to Logan Bragg. It's powered by a 355 small block rated at 375-hp. The trans is a TCI TH400 with a 3500-rpm B&M converter. The rear is an 8.5" 10-bolt with 4.56 gears. The paint is Dark Carmine Red Metallic.

Larger Pic

This is Ryan Callas' 1973 hatchback. The engine is a 307 with 68K miles. Ryan added Hooker headers with FlowMasters, 600-cfm Edelbrock 4-bbl carb, Edelbrock manifold. He also added new bucket seats, front suspension, front and rear and disc brakes and added 3.73 gears with a posi.

Larger Pic - Passenger Side - Hood Up - Interior Pic - Engine Pic

This is Michael Capps' 1973 Nova. The car has over 500,000 miles on it and is on its 4th engine. It was purchased new by is mother in 1973 for $3499 (Mike still has the receipt!). Check out more of this car on his webpage.

Larger Pic - Interior Pic

Steve Chiapparine bought this 1973 Nova Custom for $400 in August of 1996 as a result of wrecking his first 1973 Nova which was a hand-me-down from his grandmother at the age of 16. He got the new Nova running using as many parts as he could off the old Nova. He even had the car painted the same color (1994 Ford medium yellow) as a tribute to the first. The engine is a .030" over 2-bolt 350 block with flat top cast pistons & stock rods (yielding about 9.5:1cr), a mild cam, Airflow Research 190cc aluminum heads, 1.6 roller-tip rockers, Edelbrock Perfomer intake, Carter AFB 750cfm carb and a Pertronix ignition. The exhaust flows through ceramic-coated headers, 2.25" pipe with a "H" crossover and Flowmaster mufflers. The trans is a rebuilt TH350 with mild shift kit, stock converter and external transmission cooler. In the rear is a 8.5" 10-bolt with 3.42 gears and an Eaton posi. The suspension has all new steering components with polyurethane bushings and the front springs were cut one coil. The wheels are painted 15x7 IROC rims with center caps from '95 S-10 4-door Blazer. Kelly tires (225/60 front, 245/60 rear) finish the rooling stock. Inside is black with reupholstered bench seat, tilt column (floor shifter type), B&M Megashifter, a Grant steering wheel, Autometer gauges, and self-installed power door locks.

Future plans are for a 700-R4 trans, a bigger cam, new interior door panels and headliner, window tint, new paint (orange), SS emblems and stripes, sport mirrors, rear discs, 17" Torque Thrust II wheels and new front and rear sway bars.

Larger Pic - Side View - Engine Pic

Here is Justin Cardwell's 1973 Nova. It has a rebuilt 350 4-bolt motor and a TH350 trans. The motor has a 670 Street Avenger Holley carb, Edelbrock Performer-RPM intake, Dynomax headers, Hooker Aero Chamber mufflers and a Pete Jackson geardrive. The paint is Dodge Viper red. Justin's future plans are 4.10 gears, a Comp Cams 292 cam and a 3500 stall converter.

Larger Pic - Rear View - Engine Pic

Joe and Candie Cunningham are the owners of this red 1973 Nova Custom 350 Hatchback SS. The paint, SS emblems and stripes are all original. It even has the original black vinyl interior and all original parts. Originally purchased by Joes uncle new for under $3500, the car was driven until 1991 and then parked with 100,000 miles on it. In 1996 Joe brought the car to Ohio from West Virginia and has been driving it ever since. Purely for pleasure and only on hot, dry summer days!

Larger Pic - Passenger Side

Joe Dacek recently inherted this 1973 Nova. It was sitting in a Cleveland, Ohio area garage since 1991. It is all original with only 9950 miles on it. The car is a "Plain Jane" carwith a radio delete, rubber mat, bench seat, 250 L6, Powerglide, with hub caps and original tires. Joe decided it should have at least have Rally wheels and new tires. He wet sanded and buffed out the original light green paint.

Larger Pic - Passenger Side - Rear 3/4 View - Interior 1 - Interior 2

This is Jim Dagon's 1973 Nova with a 350.

Larger Pic

Dan Dore bought this 1973 Nova in July of 2004. It still had its factory brown paint but Dan repainted it black himself. It has a 383 stroker with a Weiand lowrise aluminum intake, 700 cfm Holley 4-barrel, 4-speed, and a 3.73 10-bolt posi rear. Dan says it still needs a new interior and he will be changing it from camel to black.

Larger Pic - Passenger Side - Side View - Rear 3/4 View - Engine Pic

This is Mike Earley's 1973 chevy Nova. It has a 350 V8 with a mild cam, Edelbrock intake and carb, Hooker headers and chrome sidepipes. Mike removed the points and replaced it with an electronic module and a Flamethrower II coil. Mike says he has been working on this car for about a year and has a few more things to do to make it look and run way better then when the factory built it.

Larger Pic

Here is Tom Egli's 1973 Nova. It has a 350 bored .030" over with a Holly Street Dominator intake and Jr headers. It's runing about 9.6 compression and has been restored from the ground up.

Larger Pic

Brad Ehrlich bought this 1973 Nova SS $500 in 1993 from a used car lot that was originally asking $1,000. The car ran and drove really nice but had a fair amount of rust on the rear quarters and the black vinyl top was in rough shape. Both rear qtrs and inner wheel wells were replaced, then the body was refinished in the original green gold metalic with original SS stripes. The hood is sporting an original Dixco HT/X hood tach that was installed back when the car was purchasd from Reimers Chevrolet-Olds in New Rockford N.D. on Jan, 8, 1973 for $3,619.70. Brad has rebuilt the original 350, bored .030" over, using a mild Earson cam, HEI ignition, Edelbrock Performer intake, Edelbrock 600-cfm carb, Hooker headers, Thrush header mufflers with 2.5 duals, a Saginaw 4-spd, 12-bolt 3.73 posi, Lakewood traction bars and KMC billet wheels.

Larger Pic - Passenger Side - Engine Pic

This is Matt Eide with his kids and his 1973 Nova. Performer intake, Moroso 7-quart oil pan, Hooker headers, custom 2.5" dual exhaust B&M converter and many other hi-po parts.

Larger Pic

Jonathan Fletcher owns this 1973 Nova SS. It has a 350 with an Edelbrock intake and a 750 cfm carb. He found it in a salvage yard as you see it but he says the paint needs a little work and so does the motor.

Larger Pic

Here is Jeff Ghindea's all original, 53,000 mile, 1973 Nova from Panama. The engine is a 307 V8 backed by a TH350 automatic and 3.08 open differential. The original paint is light green metallic with antique white on the roof. The interior is also green and in excellent condition. All emissions equipment is still in place and working. It has factory A/C and an AM radio. The only modifications that Jeff has made are the Monte Carlo rally wheels, BF Goodrich Radial T/A's, and dual stainless exhaust.

Jeff also has another 1973 Nova. This one he has owned since 1981 when it was his first car at age 16. It has a 350 V8 backed by a TH350 automatic. Engine modifications include a Crane Fireball cam, Weiand aluminum intake, Holley 600, Hooker headers and some minor head work. The original color is Chamois with black interior but the car is currently undergoing a ground-up restoration and the new color is Sunset Orange metallic.

Larger Pic - Other 1973 Nova - original

Here is another one of Jeff Ghindea's 1973 Novas. This one was purchased from the original owner back in 1981 (about 3 weeks before he turned 16). Jeff and his father originally restored the car back in 1981-1982 and has his daily driver all through high school and college. Jeff has recently completed a 3-year extensive ground-up restoration (July 2005) on the car. He says it runs, drives and looks like a brand new car. The drivetrain is a 350 with many goodies, Muncie M-21 and a 3.90 posi rear.

Larger Pic - Side View - Interior - Engine

This is Eric Harvey's 1973 Nova SS.

Larger Pic

Brandon Knight owns this 1973 Nova SS. It has a 408 in it now that dyno tested at 564-hp. Elgin crank, 11.5:1 Hypertech pistons, World Product 64cc heads with 2.02"-1.60" valves, 1.6:1 roller rockers, Lunati cam, Holley 750 double pumper, 2600-rpm converter, Chevelle front seats, Lakewood traction bars and a B&M Z-Gate shifter. Brandon says he's gonna install a blower on it.

Larger Pic

Jeff Laws owns this 1973 Nova SS hatchback. It has a two inch cowl induction hood covering a 400 hp. 355 small block with a TRW .488 lift cam, 10.5:1 compression, 327 300-hp. heads. It has an Edelbrock 750 carb, K&N 14x5 air filter, original 4-speed trans and 3.73 gears.

Larger Pic

This is Tony Lepore's 1973 Nova Custom. It had a 4" cowl hood when he bought it but he wanted to make an SS clone. It has a 377 stroker motor, holley 650 dual port carb, 10-bolt positraction rear with 3.90 gears, close ratio Muncie 4-speed transmission, and custom 3" stainless exhaust. The interior has also been completely overhauled. Tony formerly owned a 1966 Nova SS and let it go but this one, he says, is here for keeps!

Larger Pic - Rear View - Interior

Todd Lester said his 1973 hatchback is a work in progress. It still needs better paint job and a custom interior. The power is from a 350 bored .030 over and a 700-R4 trans.

Larger Pic - Rear 3/4 View

Jim MacDonald is the owner of this 1973 Nova. The list of goodies include a 355 with 13.5:1 Wiseco pistons, Dart Sportsman II heads with 2.02/1.60 valves and full race port and polishing, steel crank, stage III pink rods, Comp Cams Magnum 305H cam, Barry Grant Goldclaw 850 dbl pumper, and a 125hp blast of NOS. A TH350 with manual valve body and Hughes 3500 stall converter, a 10-bolt posi with 3.42 gears. The first time he took it to the strip it ran a 11.97 quarter mile. Jim says it is in pretty good shape considering the only thing that's not original equipment is the hood and the motor. It has factory buckets which will soon be redone with upholstery from Classic Industries. It also has disc brakes, power steering and a tilt wheel.

Larger Pic - Side View - Engine Pic

Josh Moore and Jim MacDonald are the builders of this 1973 SS Nova. Highlights include a 383 with 13.5:1 Wiseco pistons, Brodix Track 1 heads with 2.08/1.60 valves and full race port and polishing, Comp Cams Magnum cam, Barry Grant Race Demon and a 175-hp blast of NOS. The trans is a TH400 with manual valve body and Hughes 3500 stall converter. The rear is a 10-bolt posi with 4.11 gears. The car runs in the 11ís in the quarter. Future additions include a set of CalTrac traction bars, aN 8 point cage and a upgrade from an MSD Digital-6 to a Digital-7. Everything done to this car was done at home by Josh and his Uncle in there garage.

Larger Pic - No Hood

This is Dave Meier's 1973 Nova Custom. Take a look at his webpage for more pictures.

Larger Pic - Engine Pic

This is Nigel Moggridge's 1973 Nova SS powered by an LS7 454, TH400 trans, Dana-60 rear, Strange axles 5.11 gears, 33x28.5 Mickey Thompson rear tires, 2-stage nitrous, 1150-cfm Holley Dominator carb, Edelbrock intake and a "huge"roller cam. Nigel says it produces 1100-hp and is totally street legal. For more pics you can go to his webpage.

Larger Pic

Here is Josh Myers 1973 Nova. He's spent the last 3 years slowly fixing it up, starting when he was 16. He started with the engine and continued from there. The car is just primered right now but the engine is a 385 hp 355 with a TH350 trans, B&M 2000 stall (Josh is in the precess of converting it to a 4-speed manual.The 350 engine was bored .030 over with 9.5:1 Keith Black pistons, Comp cam (239/246 degree dur. @ .050 and .483"/.477" lift), roller chain, high-volume oil pump, Manley valves, Crane heat-treated pushrods & dual springs, Edelbrock Performer intake, Holley 670 Street Avenger carb., MSD HEI distributor w/Accel HEI Super Coil. The exhaust consists of Flowtech Afterburner headers to 2.5" pipes into Cherry Bomb glasspacks. Other details are Gold SS Cragars, B&M ratchet shifter, and Lakewood traction bars. The rearend gears are 3.08, but he's looking into getting 3.42 gears. The interior is just about prefect except for the door panels and those arenít all that bad.
Larger Pic - Side View

Steve Niles said he picked up this beautiful gunmetal gray 1973 Nova SS from a dealer in Los Angeles. It has a 350 V8 with 10.1 compression, 4 bbl Holly, coated heads and LT1 cam. Inside are black bucket seats.

Larger Pic

This 1973 Nova SS belongs to Mikael Nilsson's. He installed a 350" with polished Mickey Thompson heads, Hooker headers, Holley 650, 2.5" custom dual exhaust, a Performance intake and 11:1 custom built pistons. It's tested in a dyno where it produced 400-bhp so the only thing left to do is to install a 12 bolt, a paint job and a bit of rubber out back.

Larger Pic

Ryan Palmer owns this 1973 Nova. It has a 467-hp 350, a TH350 and a Ford 9" rear with a Detroit Locker and 4.11 gears. The hood is a 5" cowl induction piece. Ryan says this is only car and daily driver. It runs 13.17 in the quarter with a stock suspension and no traction bars. Future plans are for a Demon carb, a fuel cell, battery relocation, Weld rims, Moroso coil springs, drag shocks and Adjust-A-Link traction bars. He's expecting ET's to drop into the mid 12's.
10/01/02 Update: He recently finished getting Moroso front drag springs, drag leaf springs, Cal-Tracs, TCI TH350 with transbrake and 3000-rpm stall. He also added the red stripes. Now it's running low 12s.

Larger Pic - Burnout Pic

John Pastore'S 1973 Nova was completely repaired after being in a hit-and-run accident on 6/11/2005 which wrecked the drivers side. It still has the original 350/TH350 and is his daily driver. The only modifications are Flowmasters, Cragar wheels and a Blaupunkt CD player with JBL 6X9 speakers. It still has the original 2 barrel carb and 2.73 10-bolt open rear, 4-wheel power drum brakes and A/C.

Larger Pic

This is Rich Penning's 1973 Nova Custom hatchback. It has a 350 small block with 305 heads, Super Comp headers with 3 inch exhaust, a TH350 trans and 2.73 gears. Rich says he still has many plans for it in the future.

Larger Pic

This is Colin Peterson's 1973 Nova. Colin purchased the Nova from an older gentleman in the summer 2000. The paint was faded red and it barely ran. After stripping off all of the old paint (there were about six different colors) and doing some major body repair he painted it with a thin protective coat of Machine-Tool Grey. It stayed this color for almost eight months, while he beefed up the engine with a Crane cam, roller rockers, Edelbrock intake, Holley carb, and an Accel ignition system. It still has the original 307 V8 and needs an overhaul. After overhauling or replacing the engine and drive-train he will be refurbishing the interior.

Larger Pic - 3/4 View - Front View

This 1973 Nova belongs to 15 year old Tyler Piotrowski. He says he really loves old Novas and this is his pride and joy. He got it on December 10th, 2001 and no it's not for sale. The pictures were taken before it was purchased. It has 91K miles on the original 250 L6 but Tyler has plans to replace it with a rebuilt 350. It has the original rally wheels and also the original vinyl top on it. The previous owner put a new exhaust including a cherry bomb muffler. The interior is really nice with white bench seats and a dark green dash.

Larger Pic - Side View

This is Chris Pixton's 1973 Nova SS. Chris said he bought it for him and his 11 year old son to enjoy it together. It has a 350 4 bolt main, a TH350 trans with a B&M shift kit. The rear is a spooled 3.90 10 bolt rear. The car was just painted and runs 12.40's in the 1/4 mile.

Larger Pic - Front View - Engine Pic

Tom Presler is the owner of this 1973 Nova. He started this project in 1999 when he bought it for $1200. It had a 6 cylinder and the interior was shot. First he replaced the six with a 350 (bored .030 over) with a forged crank and SIR 6" rods. The cam is a Comp Cams 292 and a Dyna gear drive. The intake consists of an Edelbrock RPM Performer with a 650 Holley double pumper. Other goodies are an MDS billet distributorand 6AL box, a Milodon 7qt oil pan and a Holley Blue electric fuel pump. The interior was replaced with parts found all over the US and Canada. The color is Performance Red from 99-00 Ford.

Larger Pic - Side View

Nick Pyke's 1973 SS hatchback is a little unique. A quick look at the interior and engine pictures will show you why. no, the pictures have not been reversed, that is a righthand-drive Nova. This is because Nick is from Australia. The motor is a mild 350 V8 with a 4-bbl carb and an auto trans. Alan lowered it all round and changed the wheels to 15x7 front and 15x8 rear.

Larger Pic - Rear 3/4 View - Interior - Engine

Here is a picture of Jeff Reynolds' numbers-matching, southern California, 1973 Nova SS. It has an L65 350 2-barrel, TH350 trans, power steering, power disc brakes and an AM radio. Jeff is the 3rd owners and it has 141,000 original miles.

Larger Pic

Here is a 1973 Nova 4-door owned by Casey Roberts. It has a 350 V8 with a 2-bbl carb. Everything on it is original even the paint. It has the standard bench seats in the interior. Casey is in the process of fixing it up.

Larger Pic - Engine Pic

This is Adam Sanders' 1973 Nova. Adam purchased it in July of 2001 and is curently undergoing a transplant the original Powerglide and inline six will a small block 350 and a TH350 tansmission. A full resteration will soon follow.

Larger Pic

This is Steven Schacht's 1973 SS hatchback. Steven said he has owned it since 1986 and it will never be "done." It has a 358ci small block with a 4-speed, 3.08 gears and runs high 13's. Check out his webpage for more pics.

Larger Pic

This 1973 Nova Custom hatchback is owned by It has a 350 engine with a TH350 trans.

Larger Pic

This 1973 Nova SS belongs to John Soliday. You can see more of John's Nova at his webpage.

Larger Pic - Rear View

All I can say is "WOW" about Jim Streib's 1973 Nova Custom. Jim purchased this car back in 1977 and it has gone through quite a few changes, some dating back 20 years. The car features a handmade dash, instrument panel and door panels. The undercarriage is painted multicolor candy. The engine was built to drive long distances so this car is not a trailer queen. Removable panels on the front end and in front of the rear flares keep the rock chips from damaging the custom candy paint. Check out the stripes in the door jams! The audio system also includes video for those long hauls. You can see more of Jim's Nova at his webpage.

Larger Pic - Interior Pic - Graphics Close-up - Engine Pic

Lawrence Stuart is the owner of this 1973 SS. The engine is a 355 small block with World Products heads, Edelbrock RPM manifold and 750 carb, steel crank, TRW 11:1 forged pistons, MSD 7AL, ATI TH350 trans, 3000-rpm converter, 3.73 posi. The color is Indgo Pearl Metalic.

Larger Pic

Dan Tallent owns this 100% stock 1973 Nova sedan with a 307 V8.

Larger Pic - Rear View - Burnout

This all stock, low mile, 307 V8, 1973 Nova Custom belongs to Alex Torres.

Larger Pic

This is Michael Wartell's 1973 Nova Custom. He purchased it in 1986 with 43,000 miles from the original owner. The car was stripped to bare metal, dechromed and had 135 hours of block sanding to get the body smooth. The interior was reupholstered, new carpet, dash was painted, gauges installed, new headliner, LeCarra steering wheel, B&M Pro Ratchet shifter, ACC custom floor mats and new windshield. The engine is a 400 4-bolt main block, .040" over, Cola crank, Oliver rods, Diamond pistons, 11.02 to 1 compression, Canton oil pan, Isky hydraulic roller cam, Air Flow Research 195cc heads, Holley intake with a 750 Edelbrock on top, custom stepped headers, 3"pipes, Dr Gas x-crossover, Spintech mufflers. TCI TH350 trans, A1 2700-rpm converter, Dyno Tech aluminum driveshaft, 3.42 gears, new posi, Moser axles, 15x7 Wheel Vintiques with 235-60s in the front and 255-60s in the back. Dearched Eaton multileaf springs and Koni shocks out back and coil-overs in the front with polygraphite bushings and large swaybars front and back.

Larger Pic

This is Craig Watson's 1973 Nova Custom. It was originally dark green on green with a 307 2-barrel bought with 31,000 original miles. Over the past 15 years, it has had the 307 hot rodded, a 350 that put it in the low 13's, a 383 that pushed it to high 11s and another 383 that resulted in mid-10s. Currently, a new 15:1 434 is between the fenders. It consists of a GM Rocket block, Eagle 4340 forged steel crank, Eagle 4340 H-beam rods, Wiseco pistons, custom solid roller cam, and Brodix 18X heads ported by CFM in Indy. This has produced high 5 second runs in the 1/8th mile with a small shot of nitrous. For you 1/4 mile fans, that's a low 9. This small block is backed up by a Bradco Engineering nitrous converter and Powerglide tranny, as well as the original 10-bolt with 4.11 gears and a Detroit Locker. The goal is to win races and compete for a championship is Outlaw 8.5, which can be tricky on the tiny 26x8.5" slicks. The best 60' to date is 1.35.

Other options include: Brodix single plane intake, Holley 1000 cfm carb, MSD distributor, coil and programmable-7 box, Stahl 1 7/8" headers, Dynomax 3.5" Race Bullet mufflers, Griffin aluminum radiator, Cal-Trac traction bars and mono-leaf springs, Summit driveshaft safety loop, Competition Engineering subframe connectors, C-clip eliminators, and Koni/Rancho shocks. Modifications to the interior include: Hurst ratchet shifter, 10 pt. chrome moly roll cage, poly race seats, Autometer gages and playback tach with shift light. You can see more of Craig's Nova at his webpage.

Larger Pic

This 1973 SS Nova belongs to Laura White. Right now the car is in need of a lot of work but she plans on having it all done and done correctly.

Larger Pic - Rear View

Pam Winebrenner owns this 1973 Nova ProStreet work in progress. It has a 383 small-block, an Edelbrock Performance intake and a Street Demon 850 carb. The ignition system was just upgraded to an MSD. It has a narrowed 12-bolt rear end with 4.88 gears, Strange 4 link and tubbed with 15" wide rear slicks. She says, "And YES, I drive it around town, just ask my neighbors!"

Larger Pic

This is Brend Wolf's 1973 Chevrolet Nova Hatchback. The car was orginal sold in the Netherlands where Brent lives. The engine is a 327ci from a '68 Camaro with the following additions: forged pistons, Crane Cam, Crane Cam roller rockers, Edelbrock Performer intake, Holley Pro-Series carburetor, Edelbrock Performer heads, Dynomax headers, K&N air filter and an electronic ignition from Accel. The transmission is a TH400 with a shift kit. Brend says he just added the 14x6 front and 15x7 Torq Thrust wheels and tinted windows.

Larger Pic - Side View - Rear 3/4 View - Engine Pic

Jay Yohe owns this 1973 Nova Custom. Engine modifications include, Holley Systemax II kit, which includes aluminum heads, 10:1 compression ratio with the flat top pistons, Holley Street Dominator dual plane intake intake, Lunati cam with 236"I/240"E @ .050 lift. Holley vaccum secondary 750 cfm carb, double roller timing chain, Melling high volume oil pump, Holley mechanical fuel pump, Edelbrock tall valve covers and air cleaner and Dynomax ceramic coated headers. The trans was upgraded with B&M shift kit, B&M Holeshot 2400 converter, and a B&M trans cooler. Jay also installed Competition Engineering subframe connectors and South Side Machine lift bars. The rear has 4.10 gears and an Auburn Pro posi unit. The exhaust is 2-1/2" dual pipes with 2 chamber 40 series Flowmaster mufflers. With a Holley estimated 425hp the car runs mid 13's. You can see more of Jay's Nova at his webpage.

Larger Pic - Rear View

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