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My 1976 Nova SS NovaResource
Humble Beginnings
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Stock Stock
Here it is stock. Check out those white walls and hub caps! A real street terror, NOT!
These pictures were taken about a few weeks after I bought it. The original color was silver but the previous owner had it painted grey. The only things I changed so far was to install new leaf springs, paint the grille and headlight buckets black, and install some cheap seat covers. It was fairly clean but there was some rust starting to show through. You can't see it in the left picture but the lower edge of the passenger side quarter panel, from the door to the wheel well, is rotted all the way through. The metal under the driver side quarter window also was in bad shape.

Stock interior
This is the stock interior except for the seat covers. It was in very good shape, considering. The drivers seat was torn up, there was a hole in the carpet under the drivers feet and the back seat was starting to crack at the top edge from exposure to the sun. The rear window is very large and the sun did a lot of damage to the package shelf as well.

A little better, but not much.
Nothing like a few tape stripes, some white letter tires and a pair of chrome reverse wheels to improve the image of this grocery-getter. I also painted the vents between the door and rear quarter windows.

A little better, but not much.
A side view of the stripes. You can see the rot at the bottom of the quarter panel better in this picture.

A little better, but not much.
I also painted the rear tail light panel and tail light bezels.

After the first trip to the body shop for new quarter panels. After the first trip to the body shop for new quarter panels.
Well, a lot has changed in these pictures. First, new quarters were welded on and all the goofy stripes were removed. Next, you'll notice 14" aluminum 5-hole mags and the driving lights have been added. I also switched to a 1975 grille. If you look close you will also notice the addition of "250" engine emblems over the fender turn signals. In the picture on the right you will see that the tail light panel is still painted black but the new bezels were left chrome. I think it looks much better. Also you will notice the dual exhaust. Actually, all that was done was to remove the stock transverse muffler and install one with dual outlets along with Camaro tail pipes. The exhaust is still a single pipe up to the muffler. These pictures were taken on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum made famous by Sylvester Stallone in the movie "Rocky". The left pic is taken from the steps looking at the museum. The pic on the right was taken with the building behind me and you are looking down Ben Franklin Boulevard towards City Hall.

New Pontiac Rally II wheels with Chevrolet SS center caps.
The 14" aluminum wheels have now been replaced with a set of 15x7 Pontiac Rally II wheels with a set of Chevrolet SS center caps. The Front tires are 235/60-R15 and the rears are 255/60-R15.

The new fiberglass cowl induction hood from Unlimited Performance. The new fiberglass cowl induction hood from Unlimited Performance.
The engine emblems now show "327" as the 250 has been replaced. The interior has also been replaced in these shots. What you can't really see is a pair of bucket seats from a 81 Monza that have been reupholstered along with the rear seat. A steering wheel from a mid-70's Corvette, new carpet and a console with a Hurst Pro-Matic 2 shifter complete the interior. Two other external changes are the sport mirrors and the 1976 SS grille. Both were found on a 77 Rally Nova in a junkyard. This diamond pattern grille has clear, horizontal turn signals was exclusive to the 76 SS (in black) and the 77-78 Rally (in chrome). The fiberglass cowl induction hood is from Unlimited Performance.

A day before the second trip to the body shop, this time for paint. A day before the second trip to the body shop, this time for paint.
In these pictures you can see the Competition Engineering frame connectors and Lakewood traction bars that have been added. On the rear is a pair of 26x10.5 Mickey Thompson Sportsman Pro tires screwed to 15x7 stock steel rims. The above 4 pictures were taken a day before going to the body shop for paint.

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