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The 6-Shooter
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The following pictures are of the hot rodding of my original 250. This took place back in the summer of 1989. The 250 was retired in August of 1992 when I installed a 327 V8.

250 Emblem
Yes, Chevy did make 250 emblems. These were added after I bought the car.

The stock engine The stock engine
Here's the stock engine. The only changes here are the small air cleaner and the A/C compressor has been removed. The valve cover has been repainted and a chrome breather is installed.

Disassembly in progress Disassembly in progress
The hood is now off and most of the things connecting the engine to the car have been removed.

Out she comes
Up, up and away.

The block
Here's the disassembled block with 13 years of grime. Trust me, there's Chevy orange paint under all that crap.

The cylinder head The cylinder head
This is the original cylinder head. Starting in '75, Chevy produced an integral unit with the intake and head being cast as one piece. Since the 1-bbl intake cannot be removed, this head is off to the junkyard. A cylinder head from a 1965 230 was used. A head from a 194 engine has smaller combustion chambers than the 230 and 250 heads but does not flow as well.

Brian cleaning Brian cleaning
This is my long-time friend, Brian. He is a detailing nut and cleaned the entire engine compartment.

The block
See, I told you there was some Chevy orange under the grime. The color was much brighter but the Gunk engine cleaner we used dulled the paint. Here, the new oil pump and pick-up is installed. That's one long pick-up tube.

The stock cam is on the left, the new cam is on the right
Brian here is showing the old and new cams. The old stock cam is on the left, the new cam is on the right. The new cam was from Crane, part number = 203901, grind number = HP 264 2 NC.

The stock cam is on the left, the new cam is on the right
Here is another view of the cams. You can notice the increased valve lift.
The specs on the stock cam were .388"I/.405"E lift and 244oI/294oE duration.
The specs on the Crane cam were .475"I/.502"E lift and 264oI/274oE duration.

Back together
Here it is all back together and painted. Ready to install.

Back in the Nova Waiting to be started
Back in the Nova and ready to be started. The aluminum intake is from Offenhauser, the carb is a Holley 390 cfm and the headers are from Hooker. You'll notice the stock HEI distributor on the passenger side. An MSD 6A box was added later.

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