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Line Lock Wiring
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Below is a picture of my Hurst Line Lock and a diagram of how I wired it. I disliked the large red bulb supplied with the Hurst kit so I wired it to light the factory BRAKE idiot light in the dash instrument cluster. I tapped the power at the parking brake switch and sent it to the line lock button and then from the Line Lock button to the #86 terminal of the relay. It is then grounded through terminal #85 on the relay. Next, I ran power from the battery to the #30 terminal of the relay and then out the #87 terminal to the Line Lock. Terminal #87a on the relay is not used and then Line Lock is then grounded. When the shifter switch is pushed, power is sent to the relay and is grounded. This both illuminates the BRAKE light in the instrument cluster and closes the relay circuit to activate the Line Lock.
Line Lock Line Lock Layout

Line Lock Wiring Diagram

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