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Cowl Tags
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The cowl tag is the small metal plate attached to the firewall of your Nova that is stamped with information about how your Nova was originally built. Sometimes the cowl tag is referred to as body tag, trim tag, firewall tag, body plate, data plate or number plate.

1962 thru 1967 Nova cowl tags are found on the passenger side of the cowl, next to the heater blower motor. 1968 thru 1979 Nova cowl tags are found on the drivers side of the cowl, above the master cylinder.

The cowl tags provide the following information: Build Date (month and week the body was assembled), Model Year, Model Series and Style, Assembly Plant, Number (the model sequence number), Interior Trim (color, material and seat type), Exterior Paint (upper and lower paint and/or vinyl top), and Options (the Fisher Body codes).

All assembly plants used the same basic format. Cowl tag coding changed slightly over the years to meet the tracking and labeling needs of the plants. Some codes from Novas built early in the model year can have previous year codes, late built Novas can have the next years codes and there are special order codes.

In the following pages, each tag is broken down by line and by position, starting at the top, working left to right and top to bottom. An example of each year tag is given for reference at the top of each page. NOTE: 1968-79 Novas have extra codes stamped to the right of the assembly date on the third line. These codes are the Fisher Body codes. There is no source available at this time that deciphers these codes.

WARNING: Nova cowl tags have been known to be incorrect when determining original engine. Many tags were stamped for a V8 even though a 4 or 6 cylinder was installed. The VIN will ALWAYS override the cowl tag when there is a discrepancy between the two.

NOTE: Novas built in Oshawa, ON, Canada (plant codes OS or OSH) may have different cowl tags and/or codes that do not correspond with the info listed on the following pages. If you call the General Motors Customer Assistance Center (1-800-263-3777) and give them your VIN number, they will pass it on to the Canadian Vintage deptment who will mail you an information package about your car.

The codes have been compiled from many sources to make these pages as correct as possible. There is no guarantee that the codes are complete or accurate, therefore, I cannot accept any liability or responsibility for damages incurred from the use of this information. It is my intention to help you as much as possible in deciphering your Novas cowl tag codes.

Good Luck and Happy Motoring!

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