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Cabriolet Formal Roof
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Cabriolet Roof

1975-79 Cabriolet Formal Roof - RPO AB8

Model Availability

  • Standard Nova coupe - 1X27
  • Custom Nova coupe - 1Y27

Equipment (used in addition to or in place of standard equipment)

  • Exterior
    • Plastic exterior filler panel forming formal side window opening
    • Specific quarter window glass
    • Landau style, fully padded vinyl top
    • Landau molding treatment around periphery of vinyl cover (bright center section with bead at outer edges color keyed to vinyl top
    • Bright rear window reveal molding (same as base)
    • "Cabriolet" script nameplate on sail pillar

  • Interior
    • Quarter upper trim finishing panel above belt
    • Air exhaust system in body lock pillar

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